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6222 W 10000 S
Payson, UT, 84651
United States


Valley View Equestrian is a horse riding and training facility located in West Mountain, Utah (west of Payson).  Emphasizing a fun, professional experience, Valley View Equestrian offers equine riding lessons for children (age 7+), teens and adults focusing on many disciplines including: dressage, eventing and hunter-jumper. Individual and group lessons are available and dedicated riders can join the Valley View Equestrian Team for a more committed and competitive experience. Throughout the year Valley View Equestrian puts on several Pony Camps, including a four-day summer camp each year in July. Our facilities are located in the gorgeous West Mountain area overlooking the Utah Valley. To better serve the needs of our riders we offer affordable horse boarding and leasing programs. The barn area features a full riding arena, an outdoor cross country jump course, a tacking/washing area, tack storage barn, pens and pasture area. 


Valley View Equestrian's blog written by Kate Healey. Read posts about horses, riding, and everything that comes with it!


Top 10 Reasons to be Proud of Valley View

Kate Healey

Top Ten Reasons To Be Proud of Valley View

Here are the top ten reasons why I am SO SO PROUD of everyone that participated in the Dressage Schooling Show at Valley View last Saturday: 10. Each member of the Equestrian Team memorized their dressage test and there were no errors! 9. All the riders wore polo shirts or show shirts that were tucked in and had belts with their breeches. 8. The ponies were spotless and either had their mane braided or pulled and tails brushed through. 7. Everyone's tack was clean and especially the bits were shining! 6. Everyone was on time to tack up and warm up. 5. The judge was impressed with how well everyone rode and complimented me on such great riders! 4. The ponies acted great and there was no misbehaving. 3. All the riders kept their cool and remembered their goals for their tests. 2. Everyone cheered for each other and showed great sportsmanship. And the most important- 1. Everyone had fun and had a great attitude! A huge thanks to the riders who came and did such a great job, the parents and family who came to support and watch, the volunteers who helped make everything run smoothly, and our great dressage judge Savannah Rogers.