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6222 W 10000 S
Payson, UT, 84651
United States


Valley View Equestrian is a horse riding and training facility located in West Mountain, Utah (west of Payson).  Emphasizing a fun, professional experience, Valley View Equestrian offers equine riding lessons for children (age 7+), teens and adults focusing on many disciplines including: dressage, eventing and hunter-jumper. Individual and group lessons are available and dedicated riders can join the Valley View Equestrian Team for a more committed and competitive experience. Throughout the year Valley View Equestrian puts on several Pony Camps, including a four-day summer camp each year in July. Our facilities are located in the gorgeous West Mountain area overlooking the Utah Valley. To better serve the needs of our riders we offer affordable horse boarding and leasing programs. The barn area features a full riding arena, an outdoor cross country jump course, a tacking/washing area, tack storage barn, pens and pasture area. 


Valley View Equestrian's blog written by Kate Healey. Read posts about horses, riding, and everything that comes with it!


Instructor's Pic of the Week

Kate Healey


This week's pic is of Kristina Tuohy and her thoroughbred Maverick. It was taken at one of Maverick's first jumping shows, a schooling show at Valley View. 

Kristina is showing an excellent jumping position, especially for a green horse. She is giving Maverick confidence by keeping her lower leg wrapped around his body, and by not jumping ahead. Jumping ahead is a common error and means that the rider gets too far in front of the saddle over the jump. Kristina is keeping her body centered over the middle of the saddle, which will help Maverick jump better because she is better balanced. When the rider jumps ahead, it puts more weight on the front end of the horse and can hinder their jumping ability and throw their balance off. 

Kristina also has a great long crest release, which means she has her hands pressed into Maverick's neck about a foot in front of the saddle. The long crest release is ideal for her because it gives her more control on landing than a short crest release would, but still allows Maverick to have freedom of his neck and head over the jump. Even though Maverick is just trotting over the small vertical, you can tell he is listening to Kristina because his ears are pointed backward.