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6222 W 10000 S
Payson, UT, 84651
United States


Valley View Equestrian is a horse riding and training facility located in West Mountain, Utah (west of Payson).  Emphasizing a fun, professional experience, Valley View Equestrian offers equine riding lessons for children (age 7+), teens and adults focusing on many disciplines including: dressage, eventing and hunter-jumper. Individual and group lessons are available and dedicated riders can join the Valley View Equestrian Team for a more committed and competitive experience. Throughout the year Valley View Equestrian puts on several Pony Camps, including a four-day summer camp each year in July. Our facilities are located in the gorgeous West Mountain area overlooking the Utah Valley. To better serve the needs of our riders we offer affordable horse boarding and leasing programs. The barn area features a full riding arena, an outdoor cross country jump course, a tacking/washing area, tack storage barn, pens and pasture area. 


Valley View Equestrian's blog written by Kate Healey. Read posts about horses, riding, and everything that comes with it!


4 Reasons to Groom (and groom and groom some more!)

Kate Healey

Grooming is part of most riders' normal routine. But many of us hurry through the process without actually giving grooming the quality time it deserves. If you need some inspiration to get you grooming longer, read through this list of benefits and get grooming!

1. Grooming promotes a healthy coat. And that in turn makes your horse's coat shinier! If you want your horse to look (and feel) his best, put some stock into a good thorough curry, followed by a brush-down with a stiff brush. This will help your horse's circulation and prevent sores from dirt underneath your tack.

2. Grooming helps you bond with your horse. Spending time with your horse out of the saddle is just as important as spending time in the saddle. Grooming is a great catalyst to building a relationship and establishing respect. Next time you groom, ask your horse to move sideways from the ground before brushing his other side. Does he yield willingly or are you reminded of moving furniture? Grooming can help you find holes in your groundwork that need filling.

3. Grooming can alert you to injuries you weren't previously aware of. As you spend time thoroughly brushing your horse over their entire body, you can find mystery cuts or scrapes that may need attention. 

4. Thoroughly picking out your horse's feet EVERY time you groom (and ideally every day) can prevent a host of diseases and lameness issues. From avoiding thrush to preventing stone bruises and beyond, think of picking feet as an absolute necessity for each grooming session.